Best Lasik Surgery Treatment in Dubai

Taking good care of your eyes is always a very crucial factor that one needs to keep in mind for a better eye health. However, due to the increased number of electronic gadgets being used each and every day, the number of people wearing spectacles in Dubai has vastly increased. In some cases the poor vision becomes a problem for people to manage even day to day activities without wearing specs or lens. For this reason, Lasik surgery is an option that one needs to adapt to. It is a safe procedure that improves vision and cures it completely. Lasik surgery has become a permanent solution to help individuals improve and cure vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. However, it is important to note that these problems can be resolved only when you opt for a lasik surgery from a reliable hospital or clinic. This is because getting your eyes treated from an unprofessional clinic may not give you the desired result and output. For this reason, it is important to treat your eyes from the best doctors and clinics in Dubai. We at Fidoc have compiled a list of the best clinics in Dubai that offer best lasik treatment in Dubai. Take a look below to read more about them:

Prime Medical Center

As mentioned above it is important to get your eyes treated from the best hospital or clinic in Dubai, we recommend you visit the Prime Medical Center for your lasik surgery. This medical center is amongst one of the oldest centers in Dubai and a reliable place to treat your eyes. It is located at the Bur Dubai area of Dubai and the consultation charges start here just at AED 160. The doctors here are extremely supportive and you can totally rely upon the services offered at this clinic.

NMC Medical Centre

NMC Medical Centre in Abu Hail is another top clinic in our list for the best lasik treatment in Dubai. The best eye surgeons and doctors in Dubai have been associated with this clinic for a long time now. You will absolutely love the ambience created at this medical centre. The consultation charges at this clinic start only at AED 100 and thus are affordable to most citizens of Dubai.

Acacia Medical Centre

Luxury and fineness of architectural design is what describes Acacia Medical Centre. It is situated near the Jumeirah area of Dubai. This medical centre is also amongst the top 3 clinics we recommend to go for a lasik treatment. The ambience created at this centre will make any patient feel comfortable. The consultation charges at this clinic start at AED 500, however, we assure you that the quality of treatments offered is top notch. The operating hours of this clinic are from Saturday to Thursday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and the clinic remains closed on Fridays.

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