The Best General Practice Clinics in Dubai

There are many general practitioners in Dubai that offer a wide range of services and good medical care to the residents of Dubai. A general practitioner is someone who offers treatments for various chronic illnesses and offers treatments and medications to prevent and cure these illnesses. A general practitioner is also like a family doctor who is well-versed with the health problems and hereditary problems you & your family faces.

Below compiled is a list of the best general practice clinics in Dubai to help you choose wisely. You can also find detailed information like contact information, address etc. of these clinics.

Dr. Bernhard Fischer

He is one of the most prominent names in the healthcare industry of Dubai. Currently practicing at the Cooper Health Clinic, Dr. Bernhard Fischer is known for his expert skills and knowledge. Patients consider him to be very reliable and he has a track record of delivering excellent treatments to his patients.

Dr. Fathelrahman Salim Mohd Shendi

Dr. Fathelrahman Salim Mohd Shendi is also amongst the trusted names in Dubai. He currently practices at the Rashid hospital in Dubai. He has been in the healthcare industry of Dubai since many years and patients completely trust his services. He has a degree in Healthcare Ethics and Law from Royal College of Surgeons in Bahrain. He is said to be amongst one of the most talented general practitioners and is known to diagnose and treat even the serious cases.

Dr. Maha Saad Sami Al Shaikhli

Dr. Maha Saad Sami Al Shaikhli is practicing at the American hospital in Dubai. She is considered as one of the most humble doctors in Dubai and is quite popular for the services she offers. Many residents of Dubai regularly visit her for routine health and family check-ups. She completed her education from the Baghdad College of medicine. She currently works as a physician & offers medication for chronic and acute illness.

Dr. Abbas Zainli

Dr. Abbas Zainli currently practices with the Belhoul Speciality Hospital, Deira in Dubai. He is considered to one of the most talented general practitioners and is known to have serious illness of many patients.

Dr. Dur E Hira

Dr. Dur E Hira is a general practitioner in Dubai, currently practicing at the Thumbay Hospital. Her patients consider her to be extremely humble and polite. Dr. Dur E Hira is a popular name in the healthcare industry and is known to offer treatments that are very effective.

Visiting a good general practitioner is very important as he is your first point of contact. He or she is someone whom you can trust completely and are comfortable with. Also if you have multiple health problems, your general practitioner is the best person who will guide you towards proper medication. You can visit Fidoc to learn more about the best doctors in Dubai and general practitioners in Dubai.

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