Benefits Of Vitamin K

Vitamin K includes of a number of fat-soluble vitamins that play a very significant part in blood clotting. Besides this, vitamin K is also helpful in improving your overall bone metabolism and regulating the calcium present in your blood. Your body requires sufficient amount of vitamin K in order to avoid problems such as irregular blood clotting and to improve bone metabolism. Also those individuals who tend to consume many blood thinning medicines should always consult the doctors in Dubai if they should include vitamin K in their every day diet.

Besides this vitamin K is also extremely useful in healing number of wounds. It also plays a key role in improving your bone health.

Generally the bacteria that is present in the gastrointestinal tract creates vitamin K in your body. Some of the foods that can help in providing the vitamin K are green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach. You can also consume vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower and cabbage in your everyday diet in order to improve your intake of vitamin K. Other important sources that can help in providing new vitamin K our fish, eggs and cereals.

Moving towards the benefits of vitamin K let us tell you that it plays a very important factor in both bone health and wound healing. It creates the proteins which help in keeping your bones healthy and normal blood clotting. Besides this it also works with other vitamins in your body in order to improve your overall metabolism. Vitamin K generally works well with vitamin D in order to ensure you get enough calcium in your body. It also helps in treating certain bone problems. As per a recent study it has been proven that vitamin K has a very positive impact on your bone density and also decreases risk of suffering from problems such as fracture.

Below listed at three crucial health benefits of vitamin K that grew why you need to include it in your everyday diet.

Improves Bone Health

You would be surprised to know but there is a correlation between low intake of vitamin K and suffering from problems such as osteoporosis. Hospitals in Dubai suggest that vitamin K helps in refining the care of your bones and also advances the bone thickness. This way it plays a key role in improving your overall bone health.

Cognitive Health

Vitamin K helps in improving blood levels in your body which eventually also helps in improving episodic memory in adults. There have been studies conducted where individuals belonging to age Group of 70 or about having high levels of vitamin K have had better verbal episodic memory performance.

It Progresses Heart Health

Vitamin Kay plays a crucial role in keeping your blood pressure level low and thus avert mineralization. This benefits the heart to pump blood extra freely from end to end of the body. Besides this consumption of vitamin K has also been proven to reduce the risk of suffering from a stroke.

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