Benefits Of Having Health Insurance In Dubai

Our life is just as unpredictable as our health. This means that medical emergencies can arise at any time. And if you reside in a city like Dubai, you are quite familiar how expensive the cost of living is & hence it is very difficult to manage all the expenses. For this reason one of the most important thing to have a mandatory health insurance. This health-insurance is not only beneficial for the residents of Dubai but also for the expats here.

When you have a health-insurance in Dubai you can stay relaxed and eliminate the concerns of any kind of monetary burden. It means that you have a financial backup and that you may not have to worry about it at the last stage when an emergency occurs.

We have listed down important things you need to know about health insurance in Dubai.

All the organizations in Dubai have to provide insurance coverage to its employees. In some cases this insurance cover is also provided to the other dependents of the family. Besides this, there is a law which states that it is compulsory for all the residents of Dubai to have a minimum basic health cover.

When an individual avails the basic insurance plan in Dubai he or she can be rest assured about the adequate medical coverage. The Dubai Health Authority has made it compulsory to opt for a basic essential benefit package. The cost of this varies between AED 565 to AED 650.

Rendering to the statistics provided by the Dubai Health Authority, currently there are about 50 insurance companies operating in Dubai. These insurance companies provide every individual with a different and varied range of health plans. The health insurance providers offer different services which include:

  • A maximum annual coverage
  • Covering expenses of medicine and other drugs
  • Copayment rates
  • The geographical scope of coverage
  • Specific hospitals and Clinic
  • Specialty care

Besides this another great benefit of insurance coverage in Dubai is the maternity coverage. There are little differences in the schemes offered by different companies however each plan has various benefits which not only covers the mother but also the child’s expenses during pregnancy. Besides this certain plans also cover post pregnancy expenses like doctor visits and medicines up to a certain period.

Besides this you can also avail international health-insurance schemes. This is far more beneficial than purchasing a travel insurance as it can help in covering costs that occur when you avail treatment outside the city of Dubai. This is quite beneficial for people who tend to travel a lot and also for students who wish to study abroad.

The Dubai is health-insurance authority continues to work hard in order to improve and enhance the various health insurance schemes which can Benefit the residents and expats in Dubai. For more details about insurance plans in Dubai you can visit some of the best hospitals in Dubai or consult the doctors in Dubai.

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