6 Signs Its Time to See a Therapist

It’s usual to have nervousness, feel worried sometimes, but how do you know if your concerns are severe? One way to identify this is when you are facing this problem quite often.

Even though you are not suffering from depression or any severe mental condition, a therapist can give you tips that can help you cope with this problem in a much better way.

So how can you identify that you need to visit a therapist? Here are 6 Signs Its Time to See A Therapist


This is one of the primary signs that prove its time you visit a therapist. You need to pay proper attention to the signs are symptoms you face. You also need to identify how often they occur. In case if you feel too intense and are unable to manage yourself it’s time to make that visit. A simpler way to measure the frequency of your symptoms is when your mood is down for 14 days or more.


In case if you have suffered a huge loss or are going through a bad phase due to an unfortunate death, a therapist can help you by understanding the kind of impact it has had on you. Rather than internalizing your pain and keeping it to yourself, visit a therapist you can actually understand your feelings.

Physical problems

Indications like recurrent stomachaches, headaches or fatigue can be signs of depression. Although this might not be true in every case but incase if the problem persists further, it is always better to see a therapist. A therapist can help you figure out strategies that can cure your problem.

High consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs

Majority of people who are stressed often turn to alcohol or drugs to numb their feelings and to give them some temporary ease. However, this slowly becomes a habit and in no time these consumptions deteriorate your mental health even more.

Sleeping cycle

In case if you are sleeping for more hours than the usual time it can be a medical problem. This could either be due to excess stress or anxiety issues. Also if you are having sleepless nights due to the same issues, it’s high time you visit a therapist.

Poor work performance

Everyone faces work crisis and may not always be at the top. But if you aren’t able to concentrate on your work and are delivering poor quality work every time due to mental illness, visit a therapist who ca understand the prime cause and help you get out of it.

Visiting a therapist can always help you. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Mental illness is just like any other illness & can be cured completely with proper guidance and help which only a therapist can provide.

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