Everything To Know About Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism also called as over active thyroid generally occurs when a patient’s a thyroid gland is it time to produce a lot of thyroid hormone. There is generally has a very negative impact on your overall body.

You must understand that the thyroid gland is a present in your neck area and comprise of a butterfly shaped. The hormones that are produced through this are released into the bloodstream of your body which manages your overall metabolism. For this reason excessive hormones can affect different functions in your body.

Besides this there are various causes and other potential symptoms of this ailment.

Generally Hyperthyroidism occurs slowly. However in certain cases it can be sudden and especially in those individuals who belong to a younger age group.

Doctors in Dubai recommend that there are many cases of people suffering from an overactive thyroid. Generally women are the ones who are most affected by this disease. Besides this meant that the age group of over 60 years also can suffer from this ailment.

You must understand that if neglected hyperthyroidism can have a very negative impact on your overall body and can hamper your body functioning. It can also have a very negative impact on your heart. For this reason it is important that you visit some of the best clinics in Dubai where many good doctors practice. These doctors can recommend you good medications that can help in controlling your thyroid hormone.

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism can vary from an individual to an individual. This means that the symptoms of this disease are wide-ranging and can vary between people to people. Those individuals who generally suffer from mild hyperthyroidism are not aware about this disease as they do not see any symptoms of the same.

Some of the most shared indications of hyperthyroidism are:

  1. Excessive swelling especially in the neck area
  2. Feeling irritated or having a lot of mood swings
  3. Lack of concentration levels
  4. Stomach related elements is Isis diarrhea
  5. Facing difficulty when breathing
  6. Feeling tired or suffering through fatigue
  7. Muscle pain or muscle weakness
  8. Excessive amount of sweating or feeling too hot
  9. Increase in your appetite
  10. Lack of interest in sex
  11. Increase in heartbeat
  12. Excessive weight gain or excessive weight loss

However these are some of the common symptoms faced by people suffering from hyperthyroidism and their variations can vary from an individual to an individual. Those people who suffer from diabetes can also suffer from other symptoms such as feeling tired or Increase in the authorized.

Some of the common treatments one can undergo to treat hyperthyroidism are:

Radio Iodine Treatment

However you must know that this treatment is not suitable particularly for women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding. Also those women who are planning to get pregnant should avoid this treatment for at least six months.


Another common cure for hyperthyroidism with the surgery can help in eliminating or removing a part of thyroid gland from your body.

Try to avoid certain fruits or vegetables and other products that are high in iodine such as cough medicines and multivitamins or sea weed.

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