Reasons Why Dieticians In Dubai Do Not Recommend The Keto Diet

The new fad that everybody today is opting for is the keto or a ketogenic diet. In fact this is the latest diet that has become quite big when it comes to following a weight loss plan. Not just this there are some dieticians today also who have recommended this diet in order to shed your extra kilos that too in a fast manner. However when it comes to a general weight loss plan let us tell you that keto is very controversial. In fact some doctors in Dubai have also warned against it entirely because of certain side effects that it carries. You must understand that the key to diet comes along with various health risks and for this reason you need to first know everything about the diet and the side effects that it carries. We today have listed some of the things that you must know about ketogenic diet before you try it as a way to lose weight. It is true that you might drop all those extra pounds but it is also important that you watch out for the various side-effects that this diet carries. Read below to know more about it.

You May Suffer From Diarrhea

If you find yourself off and running to the bathroom when following a keto diet, it is important that you do a quick research about the side-effects. Let us tell you that when you do a basic research even on the Internet you will understand that people who often follow this diet suffered from diarrhea. This is generally due to gallbladder, an organ that produces bile in order to break down fat. Besides this keto diet comprises of very little consumption of fiber which can also result in diarrhea. When you are on a keto diet you tend to follow high fat and low carb lifestyle which can also result in diarrhea.

Decrease An Athletic Performance

There are some athletes today who swear by this diet not only because they have lost a considerable amount of weight but also seen certain improvement in their sport in terms of performance. However there have been research conducted to truly understand if keto diet is useful in improving an athlete’s performance. The truth is that when you are on a keto diet you tend to form an acidic state in your body which can limit your ability to perform during any competitions. While it is true that it can help in losing a few pounds you must understand that keto diet can actually hamper your overall performance levels.

Weight Regain

This is probably one of the worst side effects of following a keto or ketogenic diet. You must understand that a keto diet is a restricted kind of diet and hence you cannot follow it for a long-term process. For this reason individuals who follow this diet tend to re-gain a lot of weight as soon as they go back on carbs. This is probably one reason why doctors in Dubai do not recommend any patient to follow this diet.

If you are struggling from weight issues and wish to lose weight the healthy way, we recommend that you visit some dieticians from the hospitals in Dubai who will guide you correctly and provide you with a healthy diet chart which will contribute in your weight loss process.



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