Everything You Should Know About Vitiligo

If you haven’t previously heard about a condition called as vitiligo, read our detailed guide that explains everything about this disease.

Vitiligo is a kind of skin related disease which causes patches on your skin and makes your skin lose its original color. The range to which this disease can affect your skin can vary depending upon the individuals and the severity of the case. In worst cases vitiligo is a condition that can also affect your eyes, your mouth and also your hair.

Many such cases patients have to suffer from problems such as discoloration of their skin and hair for the rest of their lives.

If you are wondering if this type of skin condition can affect only to a certain age, race or group of people let us tell you that you are mistaken. Vitiligo is a kind of health condition and a long-term problem that can affect anybody irrespective of their age, gender or creed.

We have listed down some interesting facts about vitiligo that you must be aware about as suggested by the doctors in Dubai. Read below to know more:

Vitiligo is a condition that one has to face for their entire life span as there is no permanent cure to this disease.

A good fact about this disease is that it is not contagious and hence will not affect other people who touch or are around you.

It can however affect individuals from different regions and countries and there is no age bar as to who can suffer from this condition.

While it is true that this ailment cannot be cured completely, there are certain treatments that one can opt for which include exposure to UVA or UVB light. One can also opt for treatments that include the pigmentation of the skin which has been affected due to vitiligo.

You need to understand that a person suffering from vitiligo will always be more sensitive to sunlight especially those areas that have been affected by the skin condition. You cannot predict where the patches can spread and by how much. The skin patches may vanish after weeks or in some cases it may stay for many years to come.

The Treatments To Avail:

While vitiligo cannot be treated completely, there are certain treatments that can help in coping with this skin related ailment. Below listed out some of the remedies that can help in decreasing the visibility of this skin condition. You can also visit some of the best hospitals in Dubai for expert advice.

Use Of Sunscreen

Doctors generally recommend those suffering from vitiligo to always use ample amount of sunscreen on their skin as the affected areas can be more sensitive to the sunlight. Applying sunscreen is extremely important as it can protect your skin from burning especially during the daylight. The kind of sunscreen you can use depends upon your skin type and you can visit some of the dermatologist from the clinics in Dubai to know about the right kind of sunscreen for your skin type.


Another way to treat the skin related problem is by exposure to ultraviolet lamps. You can also avail this treatment at home with the help of a small lamp. However if you are opting for a treatment in a proper clinic you may have to visit the clinic 2 to 3 times in a week. There are other treatments that can be combined with UVB phototherapy for the best results.


While not a very common remedy of treating vitiligo, tattooing your skin can also help in controlling this condition. This condition a surgery is conducted which implants pigment into your skin. This type of treatment is generally preferred for areas around your lips and is preferable for people who have darken skin complexions. However there are certain drawbacks attached to this type of treatment that include difficulty in managing your proper skin tone and that the tattoo inked may fade out after a while. Also in some cases tattooing can damage your skin which can worsen your condition of vitiligo.

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