10 Benefits Of Green Tea

From preventing cancer to lowering blood pressure, green tea has various benefits to human health. It is a drink that has originated in China and is used across Asia and has been proved as a beneficial beverage. In comparison to black tea, green tea has numerous benefits attached due to the way it is processes. Green tea is a fermentation free process and contains a good amount of antioxidants for you to avoid a doctor in Dubai. Find the list of benefits green tea has for you below and start your cup of green tea a day every!

1. Helps in losing weight: Green Tea is best of increasing metabolism. It consists of polyphenol, which makes it capable enough to intensify fat oxidation and also helps in reducing the rate of food to calories.

2. Helps prevent diabetes: Consumption of Green Tea helps in regulating glucose status in the body thus slowing the blood sugar post any meal. One can avoid spikes of high insulin and also results into storage of fat in the body.

3. Helps prevent heart disease: Blood vessel lining gets better after consumption of Green Tea on a regular basis and also helps in keeping blood vessels quite relaxed and stable. This helps in controlling blood pressure in the body. One can also prevent blood clotting, one of the primary reasons of heart attacks.

4. Avoids Esophageal Cancer: Green Tea works as a warrior against cancer and helps in reducing the risk of esophageal cancer in the human body. This beverage is known for killing cancer cells without even damaging healthy tissues around them, unlike any cancer curing treatment.

5. Helps improve body cholesterol: Daily consumption of green tea not only helps in reducing bad cholesterol in blood, but also helps in improvising the ratio of good and bad cholesterol.

6. Helps in avoiding tooth decay: Green Tea consists of a chemical antioxidant called It helps in destroying bacteria and viruses in the body that usually cause dental caries, throat infection and various other dental issues.

7. Helps in maintaining blood pressure: Reduce the risk of high blood pressure in the body by increasing regular consumption of Green Tea. Green Tea balances and stabilizes blood cells which helps in balancing blood pressure.

8. Helps fight depression: Green tea consists of an amino acid called Theanine which is found in the tea leaves. It is that substance which is considered to be tranquilizing and relaxing and gives the drinkers a very refreshing effect on consumption.

9. Works as an antibacterial and anti-viral: Treat influenza and cancer and such major issues by consuming Green Tea on a daily basis. It is due to presence of tea catechins which are considered as strong antibacterial and anti-viral agents.

10. Helps with skincare: Green Tea works wonders with wrinkles and signs of aging. It comprises of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activities that helps in improving skin and gives a healthy looking skin.

Thus we can say, a green tea a day, keeps doctor away!

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